a tiny Wireless HID Injector.

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    EvilUSB, a tiny Wireless HID Injector.

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    Cheap :   Only compose of stm32f103c8t6 chip, nrf24l01+ module and circuit board.

    portability :   Less than 30x15 mm in size, could be easily pretend to USB flash-drive.

    expandability :   EvilUSB use inner flash as drive memory, and can be replaced by SD Card.

    RemoteShell :   Setting up a remote command shell ater connecting EvilUSB to computer.

    IAP Support :   Draging binary file to disk, EvilUSB will update inner software automotlly.

    Free :   The binary file and related guides are available for anyone(see http://evilusb.com ).


Contacting Us

   Kincaid, Huawei employees, graduate from soochow university(see https://lifepaper.cn ).

Why DIY EvilUSB?

   BadUSB once sparked my interest in HID attacking deeply, but unfortunately RUBBER DUCKY is so expensive, I start with arduino micro based on ATMEGA32U4 and intend to DIY a China-designed BadUSB-like device just for fun.
   It's not easy during development since there is less relevant open source projects. I totally follow my experience and add several practical function. Bug fixing is the following work.

Did it open source?

   Frankly speaking, It's better to develope a similar project independent and gain much relevant knowledge. I'm glad to receive email form me@lifepaper.cn for any problem or confusing.

How can i get it?

   The binary file is free to anybody, you can download, change and distribute(GNU General Public License). In addition, Development board for the evaluation of EvilUSB is available at online-shop(see http://evilusb.com ).